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Welcome to New Parent Harmony, based in Maryland USA. New Parent Harmony's services currently include postpartum doula, lactation counselor, pediatric sleep consultant, and reiki master. New Parent Harmony's services are for first time parents and for families of multiple children. Each baby brings a new parental experience and is the premise behind the New Parent Harmony name.

As a leading provider of postnatal services, Gemma takes pride in offering the best parenting knowledge and newborn care. She is dedicated to serving the needs of her clients each and every day. Gemma has worked with infants, children, and families for over 20 years and brings a caring and nurturing approach to all aspects of parenting a newborn baby and beyond. Gemma's philosophy is that "Harmony in the postpartum period creates the building blocks for family happiness in the years to come". The road to happiness may not be easy but getting a positive beginning is a great start.

Gemma has worked with many families from all walks of life. Starting her career in England, Gemma worked with disadvantaged families providing education to parents while providing cost effective ways to clothe, educate. and nurture their children. This experience helped shape Gemma's career path and after having her first child in 2012 the idea for New Parent Harmony was formed.

New Parent Harmony LLC was officially formed in 2015 with the intention of helping families in the initial days and months after the birth of a baby. Since those early days New Parent Harmony has grown to be so much more; helping families beyond the postpartum period with lactation and pediatric sleep.

In the years since New Parent Harmony was formed, Gemma has successfully helped many families and continues to bring her charismatic and caring nature to people in need of an extra pair of hands. In the ever changing world, Gemma also continues to find new and innovative ways to enhance the parenting experience and bring families closer together.

Gemma's qualifications include a Postpartum Doula Certification and Lactation Councilor Certification through Childbirth International, Certification in Sleep Consulting through The Center for Pediatric Sleep, Btec Certification in Childhood Studies through Preston College, CPR, AED, and First Aid Certificate in adults, children, and infants through American Red Cross, formally trained in food hygiene, trained in infant massage, and Certified in Level 1and 2 Reiki.

New Parent Harmony owner Gemma, strives to bring harmony to each new baby experience in the postpartum period and beyond. New Parent Harmonys services are nonjudgmental and of a caring nature, offering evidence based knowledge, techniques, tricks, and a nurturing disposition to guide you through the parenting experience; bringing harmony to your postpartum period and the future.