Lactation Counseling

While many resources portray breastfeeding as natural and effortless, the reality can be quite challenging for many parents. Gemma understands these challenges firsthand and, following her own breastfeeding journey, sought training and certification to assist other parents in understanding lactation and achieving successful feeding experiences. Gemma completed rigorous training, including 90 hours of formal instruction and an additional 30 hours of in-person practice, to become certified. Since earning her certification in 2018, Gemma has been guiding parents through their breastfeeding journeys, continuously staying updated on the latest techniques and practices in lactation support.

What You Can Expect From Gemma in Her Lactation Counselor Session

  • A calm and supporting demeanor
  • NO judgment or pressure
  • Evidence based information to help resolve issues and support continued lactation
  • Expertise in the lactation process, positioning, and problem solving
  • An action plan to help guide parents through the comings days after the session

Unfortunately at this time Gemma does not accept insurance but many HSA accounts will cover this service. Reach out to your provider for more information. In person lactation service is offered throughout Montgomery County, MD and Prince Georges County, MD and Arlington and Fairfax County VA. Virtual appointments are available globally.