Five stars

Working with Gemma has been such an absolute blessing! My beautiful son woke up every 2-3 hours for the first 17 months of his life and he still largely would only contact nap and I was absolutely exhausted. I spent so much time and money on several sleep courses, books, sleep sacks etc and nothing worked. I decided to work with Gemma and it was the best decision ever. She coached us on how to prepare him for the transition and created an individualized plan for us that centered around a gentle approach. By the second night he slept 7 hours straight and by the second week he was consistently sleeping 9-10 hour stretches and doing naps in his crib. He is now so excited for his bedtime routine and to go to bed. I love how happy he is and best of all how much more rested we both are. I can now function at work and feel I am a better mom now that I’m not so tired. My only complaint is that I didn’t work with Gemma sooner. She has changed our lives for the better and was so easy and pleasant to work with and so encouraging all throughout our time together.

Jess H Bethesda MD

Gemma is a total and utter joy to work with. Gemma's specialty is helping new parents bolster their confidence, which she does easily and naturally by providing extremely helpful tips and suggestions about baby's development, answering all the "is this normal??" and "I'm concerned about XXX..." questions, and crucially, creating space for you to take care of yourself by taking domestic chores off your mind. She is a woman of incredible initiative, independently tasking herself with little things to do around the house that you didn't even realize you wanted done but feel so good for having them tidied up, put away, or arranged. And she does this without ever invading your personal space or making you feel exposed. Gemma has a golden touch with kids and my nearly 3 month old son immediately felt at ease with her and responded happily to her care. I instantly trusted her to comfort him and care for him. Gemma works with you as the parent to understand your current routines and behaviors, as well as your future goals. I never felt like she was telling me what to do, but rather was always partnering with me and treating me like the ultimate expert on my child. Gemma is also just a lovely, affable, and warm person. She is easy to get along with and knows when to give you space versus when to sit around and chat, which for me was crucial because she supported me with care while I worked at home. I heartily recommend Gemma - she's truly first rate care for both you and baby!

Holly D. 

Four Corners MD

Gemma is simply amazing. She has much experience in this field and is a mother herself. She is absolutely wonderful with the baby. She knows just how to handle her and can tell just what she needs. Also, Gemma is lovely with my older children. She’s engaging and sweet.

In addition, she is completely supportive of the parents. She will follow the mother’s lead and only give advice in the most kind manner or if it is requested. While the baby is sleeping, she whisks through the house emptying the dishwasher, making beds, putting laundry in and doing anything that appears to need to be done or that I have maybe mentioned is stressing me out.

Gemma is a top notch post partum doula. You won’t find better!

Meaghan C. 

Four Corners MD

I highly recommend Gemma. She has been an incredible blessing to our family! Not only is Gemma reliable, safe, and engaging with our baby; she is also accommodating of our schedule, willing to help out around the house while baby naps, and super supportive of me as a parent. Gemma has counseled me on issues that have arisen with our little one and provided suggestions on activities to help foster his development. My relationship with my little one is better because of Gemma's influence and I trust her 100%.

Nikki F. 

Rockville MD

Gemma at New Parent Harmony supported my family as our postpartum doula in the month after the birth of our first son and I truly don't know what we would have done without her. She supported me with breastfeeding, caring for my body as it healed, and encouraged me to get moving when I was ready. Simple things seem very overwhelming in those first weeks - we were afraid to take a breath! Gemma helped us gauge essentials V nonessentials for easier travel & was just so calming and encouraging through everything.

Her patience is unmatched - our bub has a cow's milk protein allergy & before he was diagnosed he was very fussy. She was so sweet with him and calm through it all. Beyond all of the above she did everything she could to help us around the house: walked the dog, did the dished, folded laundry, cleaned our floors, scooped the kittle litter, and even sewed one of the baby's toys that had torn.

Our little one is now a little over three months old and my husband and I consistently reference things we learned/picked up from Gemma. She still checks in and is so quick to respond when I reach out to her with whatever parental dilemma presents itself as we move along on this crazy ride! I honestly believe we are better parents for having had her support.

Brit C. 

Rockville MD

Gemma has been with my family now for 3 months and it has been so great! She is so incredibly helpful and She is so wonderful with our baby and older boys. She not only helps with the kids but has taken such great initiative in helping me to better organize other areas within my home. I can’t say enough about how much she has helped me since having my fourth child! I highly recommend her!!

Jessica M 

Four Corners MD

Thank you, Gemma for your support during the first three weeks of bringing our little one, Andre home. Working with you was a pleasure, and I enjoyed how personable you were from the very beginning; this allowed me to feel comfortable enough to ask you questions and talk through new parenthood challenges with ease and reassurance. Your life’s work as a doula is very much so appreciated and I am grateful to have connected with you! Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for your help.

Dominique D

Bethesda MD

Gemma was amazing during my first few weeks post partum. She was attentive to both me and my little one. She anticipated what my needs would be before I could, and was proactive with make my experience positive and comfortable. I would definitely recommend her and will 100% use her again for a second child!

Jessica S

Potomac, MD

Gemma was an excellent carer. She took care of my two boys and we all loved her. She is very dynamic, enthusiastic, creative, organized, generous and lovely with the babies and pets. She is always on time and very respectful. I can only say good things about her and wish her the best with future families

Paola O. 

Damascus MD

We hired Gemma to take care of our 3 month old for 2 days per week. Before she started, our son couldn’t feed from the bottle or take naps in his crib. Within the first day Gemma was able to get him to eat with no crying and since then he’s been eating like a champ when she is here. We also appreciate her help in getting our son to take his naps in the crib during the day. Gemma provides safe and warm environment for our baby to grow and develop new skills and our son loves her. Every morning he gives a big smile when he sees her at the front door.

Besides bringing her vast experience of child care and development, she is easy to work with! She is always going above and beyond to not only take care of our son but to help out in other household tasks that sometimes get overlooked after having a newborn. 

We recommend Gemma to anyone who doesn’t just want a baby watcher but who wants a top of the line nanny that takes pride in providing the best care possible and assisting new parents with advice and support. We are so happy to have Gemma as our nanny!

Marty and Ewelina H. 

North Bethesda MD

We are so thankful to have Gemma take care of our now 4 month old son twice per week. He is all smiles whenever she comes over, and she is such a natural with him; he just loves her, and she cares for him like he is her own. On the days I get to work from home, it gives me great joy hearing her read to him, sing to him, and play with him from a distance. She reads his signals extremely well, often addressing diaper changes and feedings right at the moments he needs them often avoiding situations where he could get fussy. Her patience with him has been exceptional. Prior to hiring Gemma, our son was sleeping on loungers. Since she has joined us, she has successfully gotten him to sleep flat in his crib, and is now currently working with him to transition from the swaddle. She has adapted to his and our needs flawlessly as he continues to grow and change. While he is sleeping, she will entertain our dog and do light chores in the house like sweeping and laundry, which is a huge help to us, but she is very quick to respond to our son when he wakes. On the days I have to leave for work, it is always heart-wrenching being away from him, but with Gemma, i feel a great sense of relief. I can say with confidence that I trust Gemma with our son almost more than I trust myself with him! We are so happy and grateful to have such a special person care for our son. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Nadia C 

Potomac MD

Want to give a huge shout out to Gemma at New Parent Harmony LLC who was my post partum doula and lactation support during my 4th trimester. She has been an amazing help in all aspects of life with a new baby. Couldn’t have asked for better support for me and my little one

Jessica S

Bethesda, MD

Gemma is amazing! Gemma worked with us when our daughter was 5 days old and helped us so much. Gemma made sure our fridge was stocked, took care of me in those early postpartum days, cleaned, cooked, and watched the baby so that my husband and I could get some much needed rest. She helped with our first bath and she is just a wealth of knowledge with so much advice and kind words. I really appreciated that in between visits she would also check in to see how we were doing- this was above and beyond what I had expected and would recommend Gemma to anyone.

Ariel B

Chevy Chase, MD