What's a Postpartum Doula?

The beginning days and months after baby arrives can be extremely challenging. You'll possibly be tired, emotional, anxious, and excited, all at the same time! All of this is very normal. Gemma's Postpartum Doula Service can help you settle into the world of parenting and navigate through all the physical and hormonal changes. Gemma is there as a supporting role in your family, offering knowledge and support in all aspects of postpartum care, recovery, and newborn care.

Here's some of what's included:

  • Assist in post birth recovery.
  • Offer comfort and emotional support for the entire family.
  • Provide you with lactation support to establish lactation, resolve any lactation issues, and provide evidence based information with regards to growth and development.
  • Provide information on what can be expected with regards to sleeping and feeding your newborn.
  • Be available to answer any "Is it normal?" questions, providing answers where possible or offering resources to find answers.
  • Offer educational resources to help parents make informed parenting decisions.
  • Complete any basic daily to do list items to your specifications.
  • Keep the household running smoothly.
  • Care for older siblings and any pets.
  • Help maintain established routines.
  • Give you the opportunity to talk about your birthing experience and parenting in general.
  • Handle household chores and  laundry.
  • Run family errands.
  • Pick up groceries.
  • Prepares family meals.
  • Offer age appropriate soothing techniques to help baby sleep.
  • And much more!

Having a baby takes a village. Gemma is there to be your village.

Why Have a Postpartum Doula?

There are many reasons as to why a family should hire a postpartum doula. Here's just some of those reasons:

  • Opportunity to get more sleep
  • Receive consistent emotional support
  • Have expert knowledge at hand 
  • Adjust to family life quicker
  • Have someone take care of YOU and YOUR needs!
  • Have practical help and tips shown to you
  • Have a quicker and easier recovery
  • Gain confidence in parenting abilities 
  • Gain referrals and resources
  • Have a lower risk of postpartum depression (10% lower )
  • Increased success rate with breast/chest feeding ( 14% higher )

Why hire Gemma?

Gemma is licensed, insured, and certified in postpartum doula services, lactation counselor services, and sleep consulting services. With Gemma's postpartum doula service you get a doula, lactation counselor, and sleep consultant. This is perfect for parents of newborns, as Gemma will be there to assist with multiple feedings and naps; ensuring good habits are being built from the start and that baby is both sleeping and eating well.

In person postpartum doula service is offered throughout Montgomery County, MD and Prince Georges County, MD and Arlington and Fairfax Counties VA. Virtual appointments are available globally.