Postpartum Doula

The beginning days and months after baby arrives can be extremely challenging. You'll possibly to be tired, emotional, anxious, and excited, all at the same time. The Postpartum Doula Service can help you settle into the world of parenting. Gemma is available to take care of all your postpartum needs. Gemma is there as a supporting role in your family, offering knowledge and support in all aspects of postpartum care and recovery.

As your postpartum doula, Gemma can offer remedies to help with perineal and incision healing, discuss your birthing experience and provide fun and easy ways to help you bond with your newborn, be there to discuss fears and expectations of the coming months with regards to sleep, feeding, and diapering. Gemma can help assist in breastfeeding; ensuring positioning and latch are correct and that breastfeeding is a pleasant and pain free experience for both Mom and baby.

Gemma will offer evidence based knowledge to answer your " Is this normal?" questions and rest assured no question is stupid or silly. You'll also get plenty opportunities to discuss your emotions and feelings. If needed Gemma will also offer knowledge on postpartum depression, it's signs and symptoms, and when to seek help. Gemma feels it is very important for families to feel comfortable having Gemma around. Gemma wants parents to feel comfortable leaving the sink overflowing with dishes, laundry hampers full, and not ashamed to open then door at 2pm still in pj's; that's why Gemma's there to help.

As your doula, Gemma will also help with organizing, doing laundry, vacuuming, prepare healthy family meals, wash and prepare bottles, run errands, walk pets, and/or care for your baby and any other siblings while you get some rest or have a little time for yourself; self care is so important.

Gemma's postpartum packages can be tailored to your own needs and budget. Here is Gemma's most popular package.

The Gold Package (6 weeks):

Two 1hr pre-natal visits - opportunity to get to know each other, talk through any anxieties, and help with any last minute preparations.

After birth: One hospital visit, to meet baby and see how parents are feeling and how they feel about the birthing experience.  Gemma will stay as long as need to ensure Mom and baby are feeling comfortable.

Once baby and Mom are home (For non home births): Monday- Friday visits from 9am-3pm for six weeks.

Outside of weekday visits, support offered via phone, messenger, what's app, skype, or zoom as needed.

Not sure how much help you need? Wonder if Gemma is the right fit for your family? No problem. Contact Gemma and she will gladly discuss options with you to help fit your needs and budget. She will also set up a time to meet or talk over the phone.