Meet Gemma

As a leading provider of parental services, Gemma takes pride in offering the best childcare knowledge and newborn care . She is dedicated to serving the needs of her customers each and every day. New Parent Harmony founder Gemma has worked with children and families for over 20 years and brings a caring and nurturing approach to all aspects of parenting for a newborn baby. Gemma's philosophy is that "Happy Parents = Happy Baby" and this is exactly what Gemma tries to achieve when working with each and every family.

Gemma has worked with many families from all walks of life. Starting her career in England, Gemma worked with disadvantaged families providing education to parents while providing cost effective ways to clothe, educate. and nurture their children. After emigrating to the USA, Gemma became a full time nanny for a newborn. It was here where she honed in on her newborn experience and fell in love with newborn care and being a supportive role in new parent families.

In 2012 Gemma had her first daughter. It was at this time where Gemma struggled. She'd had so much childcare experience yet she was not prepared for the sleep exhaustion that comes with most babies. No book or education could have prepared Gemma for the sleepless nights. Gemma also didn't have family or friends around to help. She tried to hire a nanny to help out but struggled to find a good quality and caring candidate. It was at this time Gemma came up with the idea for New Parent Harmony. A service that would help families like her own. Families that needed help with laundry, cooking and cleaning, but could also care for a newborn while Mom got the needed rest. 

Gemma soon after formed New Parent Harmony; an official company in the Maryland area dedicated to helping families venturing into the world of parenting.  In the years since New Parent Harmony was formed, Gemma has successfully helped many families in the area and continues to bring her caring nature to people in need of an extra pair of hands. In the ever changing world, Gemma also continues to find new and innovative ways to enhance the parenting experience and bring families closer together.

Gemma's qualifications include a two year Btec in Childhood Studies, CPR and First Aid training in adults, children and infants. A certificate in food hygiene. Gemma is also working towards Postpartum Doula certification and Breastfeeding certification.